Each window and door awnings as well as patio awnings have a few slight mounting, function, and frame differences that need to be consider. Please look at the details instructions below to help get the perfect awning or awnings for your needs.
Measuring Guide
Regional Awnings
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There are some basic concepts that apply to measuring all awnings. It is essential to understand the terms, width or length, height, projection and drop.
  • Width or Length - Is the measurement of the awning form side to side on your wall or roof. For a Patio Awning this is the actual size of the frame and the canvas so it is better to factor an additional 6 inches over the space amount you would wish to cover. For example: You have a patio space that is 14 feet wide by 8 feet long. Then it would be better to pick the next awning width size above 14 feet which would be 15 feet and use a 8 feet 3 inch projection size.  Sometimes the wall space or roof space will dictated the width or length. See examples below
Step: 1
Understanding Basic Mearsuring Concepts
In the pictures above you will notice that the patio widths are wider then the awning. In picture one the mounting area was the terrace deck above which limited the width of the awning. In picture 2 there is an adjacent roof line that effected the awnings width. In picture 3 there is an adjacent wall that effected the awnings width.  When measuring the width of your awning these issues must be considered.
  • Height- For a patio awning this is the distance from the place where the awning is mounted to the ground. We suggest that awning be mounted no lower than 8 feet from the ground. For example: In picture 1 the height is dictated by the mounting place which is the terrace above the patio. In pictures 2 and 3 the awning could be mounted higher up the wall but 10 feet above the ground would be an optimal distance. In the picture 4 the height is limited to the roof line.
  • Projections-  For an awning this is the maximum distance that the awning can project outward from the mounting spot over the attended spot of coverage.
  • Drop- For a patio awning this is the gradual tilt of the awning. In some models that  has smart tilt this can be adjusted. For our window models this is the maximum distance downward that awning fabric covers over a window.
Step 2:
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